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Welcome to my small corner of the web!

Origionally Licensed in 1988 with the call KB2GWI @ the age of 12, I have been fairly active on the VHF - Microwave bands in some manner.
My Amateur roots were grown in Rochester, NY where there is a plethora of Amateurs, and clubs as well as activities. I was introduced to the world of VHF and beyond by Tim Stoffel NS9E when he resided in Rochester, and he was my Mentor ( I dont like to use the word Elmer ) and helping hand when I needed asstiance.
 Tim and I as well as countless others operated many events including Field day(s) together and even Hill Top VHF contests with N2HLT Leon and KB2DMK Rick. As time went on Tim moved to AZ and my VHF activities were mainly from home, until I was invited to the N2PA Contest group to check things out.
With an incredible group of dedicated people I found myself in awe of the complexity and excitment surounding a Unlimited Multi-op VHF Contest Station. I believe my 1st contest with N2PA I operated a combination of 222 and 6m, and then after that was soley the 222 operator for a while.
 Soon there after I had met the YL and we moved to the Coastal area of Central New Jersey where I reside now. Living in a fairly new housing development of homes I found myself not playing radio.. but Playing Fix it man for quite some time.
 I had not even set up any radios as space is very tight. After about 3 years I decided that I needed my hobbie back, and that most of the really important FIX IT's were taken care of.
As of the 5/12/07 I gave the YL back her small laptop and went to a P4 3.4 GHZ / 1.5 GB ram / Soundblaster Audigy SE Snd crd. Also now QRV on 2 & 432 WSJT Modes and I will entertain ANY sked requests if I am available.

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