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Diving into the Satellites

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Welcome to my satellite page
Turn your sound on as you view this page and you can hear me working Allen HR9/N5AFV in Honduras in Grid EK66 via AO-27 ! 
(The clip dosen't loop so refresh if you had sound off)
Click the link directly below to hear RAFT speak!

Satallite RAFT Speaks (W3ADO)

After longing to get back on the air for many years I decided to set up a small satellite station. The immediate back yard area on the side and behind my house is left unused as the kids play on the main lawn outside of the fence in the summer this was to be the spot for the antennas.

In the photo below you can see the GME Roof tower mounted on 6" x 6" post this was a concern of mind due to the high costal winds we get here, however after mounting the tower, rotors, mast, boom and antennas, the combined weight does not budge even as I lean into the middle of the mast with all my weight. After a small ice storm in Feb '07 the set up has proved its stamina and did not budge in winds in excess of 50 Mph.
Note the Ease of access to the complete system (Arms reach to all conections when aray is @ 0 DEG ELE) this was done to keep a low profile and to allow ' anytime ' access. This really came in handy when ice loads the antennas, as de-icing is a snap with a propane torch and a cloth towel.
I will also add that I live in a newer Development where there antenna restrictions galore, however I may have found a loop hole as this is NOT a permanent set up nor attached to the house!

Antennas shown are @ 45 Deg ELE & 020 Deg AZ
Click the more details link in the header for further info and more photos

Antenna and Mounting Specs

From Bottom to to top:
6" x 6" Pressure Treated post about 4' each roughly 50lb per post
GME RT-424 4'6" Roof Tower ( Quad Pod )
Yaesu G-5500 AZ 1/2 of AZ/EL rotor combo
Yaesu GS-065 Thrust bearing ( 0 verticle load on the AZ Rotor )
Mast is 7' of 1 1/4"  Galvanized pipe  ( Very Heavy )
Then the EL rotor ( Other 1/2 of the G-5500 )
Boom is 1" Galvanized pipe roughly 7'
432/435 Yagi is a Directive Systems K1FO Design DSFO432-11R End Mount yagi
144/145 Yagi is a Directive Systems DPM144-5LVA End Mount Yagi
Rotor Cable is 2x 50' 6 Conductor 18Ga Shielded from Cablexperts
Coaxial Cable is 2 x 40' of Andrew CNT-400
Future Additions will be Dual Transfer Relays with DCI Filters and Preamps for each band
More antennas as needed ( HEO's / Terrestrial Loopers )

Have you worked N2JDQ on the sats?? Check the link for my log on the top of the page and see!

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