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  • 9/01/07 No longer Can I maintain my Logbook online I have literally 20 projects between Radio & Home that are taking my time..In the future I hope to re-integrate this into the site.
  • 9/01/07 QSL Photos have not been updated in months, I will keep the existing QSL's up however adding additional Photos is on hold.
  • 9/20/07 AM6155 432 Amp Project progress: Awaiting Teflon Piece from a friend to continue project.
  • 9/26/07 Just aquired 2x45 element 2.4 Ghz loopers that will be used for Sat Downlink. Looking for 2400-2404 Downconverter 144 Mhz IF
  • 9/26/07 Looking for a Kenwood TS-830S Transciever for Transverter IF use. Must be in Excellent condition Phisically and operationally with exception only of final tubes.

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